U2 Grammy Bound 2015 ?

Bono / U2 / U2TOURFANS / U2360

Bono / U2 / U2TOURFANS / U2360

U2 is expecting 2014 to be a busy year for them.  As we have reported
earlier the endless supply of rumors keep us busy and dreaming of the possibility of something this year.

Lets look at this from U2’s point of view if
we do not release something before the end of October we lose our chances for
2014 Grammy.

If we wait until 2014 to release well we have a whole year to look
for that Grammy single or heck the whole album.

That makes sense right ? Well
not from a fans point of view.

So fans its time to sit back relax listen to
some of the greatest old stuff you can find from the boys and wait it out.
Think lucky March !

Now what is a concern for us over here @U2TOURFANS. What will the tour be
like? What can we expect?  Some massive giant explosive tour with amazing visuals or maybe something small, inviting
and warm.

We heard that the ideas that have been kicking around suggest a 3
stop with 3 different sets every night. Also we heard that maybe it would be 3
decades of U2 shows broken into those 3 nights. 

Well back to our dreams we head as we await the next rumor.