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‘The quietest storm that ever blew into town…’

I take his poems with me wherever I go. ‘ Bono has been remembering the great Seamus Heaney.

Five You Might Have Missed (3)

A dazzling animation, a POP classic, Luciano Pavarotti and music for films. Five more you might have missed.

U2Tourfans Annual Drive

U2 fans around the world its that time of year again. Our site is supported by many dedicated fans around the world. We know that you have choices for fan sites and we work hard to provide you the best U2 experience around. We don’t charge for any of our content nor to we sell your information to anyone.

We are strictly dedicated to you the fan and of course the boys. Our primary goal has always been to provide a complete U2 experience with audio, video and images from around the world.  Twice a year we come to you and ask you to consider making a donation to our project.  In order for us to keep the lights on and the servers running we need to ask you to consider a donation. We have tried many different fund raising ideas and found that the best one is just asking you directly for a donation.   

Your donation makes it possible for us to provide you with the complete U2 experience. We are not funded by the band, record label or management. Our dedicated focus has helped us become one of the major U2 fan sites around the world.  Today we have over 1 million visitors a day with over 10 Million interactive engagements ( that means you download videos and photos).  I never thought this site could grow to this level and I must say we have done some impressive work. Now wold you consider a donation to keep us going. Any amount would be greatly welcomed.  Again I thank you for all your support and look forward to our team continuing down this path we have started.  





U2 Grammy Bound 2015 ?

Bono / U2 / U2TOURFANS / U2360

Bono / U2 / U2TOURFANS / U2360

U2 is expecting 2014 to be a busy year for them.  As we have reported
earlier the endless supply of rumors keep us busy and dreaming of the possibility of something this year.

Lets look at this from U2’s point of view if
we do not release something before the end of October we lose our chances for
2014 Grammy.

If we wait until 2014 to release well we have a whole year to look
for that Grammy single or heck the whole album.

That makes sense right ? Well
not from a fans point of view.

So fans its time to sit back relax listen to
some of the greatest old stuff you can find from the boys and wait it out.
Think lucky March !

Now what is a concern for us over here @U2TOURFANS. What will the tour be
like? What can we expect?  Some massive giant explosive tour with amazing visuals or maybe something small, inviting
and warm.

We heard that the ideas that have been kicking around suggest a 3
stop with 3 different sets every night. Also we heard that maybe it would be 3
decades of U2 shows broken into those 3 nights. 

Well back to our dreams we head as we await the next rumor.


Will God Resurface in New U2 Music ?

Arguably the most successful rock band in the world, U2 not only cries out against injustice, but also dares to imagine an alternative in light of the Christian vision.

The band searchingly examines the distortions of our world and proclaims with Scripture “the place that has to be believed to be seen” and “where the streets have
no name.” Will we hear them?